Who are we

We are the people who will organise your ideal vacation. Only a phone call separates you from a weekend to remember. We are here to share new information. Our exploring missions and trails are interesting for everybody. There are different tours which can be adjusted for kids and for adult people. Depending on how fit they are we offer a trail with a story. Depending on the budget we offer accommodation and places to visit.

Why are we here

We are here to promote mountain and valley tourism in the United states. We are young enthusiasts who want to explore our history and share interesting and amazing stories we have found around the country. Tourism is not only the sea and the beaches. We feel like the mountains in the USA have a lot to offer, people are just afraid to explore all the possibilities because they seem complicated. That is why we are here, we will make your vacation simpler and more unique - giving you a day and a story to remember.

Where are we

We are everywhere. We are all across the country at your convenience. Our offices are located everywhere, from east to west, from west to north and to south. However, if you don’t feel like driving or cycling or running to our offices, we offer online reservations and consultations. Call us anytime from any state and ask your questions. For introverts all our information is on the webpage. There are also frequently asked question sections where you might find the answer to your question. Do not hesitate to contact us and plan your ideal tour. We also offer special gift vouchers. If you want to plan a unique birthday present for all nature lovers we are the ideal choice for you. Our experienced guides will ask you a couple of questions and determine the ideal vacation for you and your family. We offer special family and group discounts for bigger groups and for children up to 6 years old.

How to contact us

We can be contacted on social media or on the phone. We are adjusting to your convenience. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok…

People can also contact us through phone, email and skype. Our agents are on your disposal at any moment of the day. Helping you plan your ideal vacation is our purpose.

Whose idea was it

This is the idea of 5 young enthusiasts who felt like the potential of our country is not used in total.

We explored it and we were amazed that is why we decided to share it with the people. You deserve an active vacation which is way cooler than lying on the beach.