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All the view are like a fairytale - explore the whole trail and create the puzzle

The fairytale walk trail is a trail located in the north part of the USA close to the Canadian border. It passes through many villages including a lot of peaks. It is a trail convenient for adults and for children. A picturesque road starting in Alshrey continues towards the mountains telling the story of a whole new world. It is a 100km long trail which can be started anywhere on the road. It is called a fairytale road because along the way there are puzzles of different fairy tales. The kids go around and collect the puzzles in order to complete the whole story. Here the youngest members of your family can meet Peter Pan, Cinderella, Snowwhite and all the other characters of the fairy tales. They can learn new things and enjoy a nice time. The marked trail passes through the chocolate house of Hansel and Grettel. You can sleep in the home of the 7 dwarfs and shop in the Cinderella shop. It is a real Disneyland in the mountains.

Buying chocolate in the Hansel and Gretel house

The Hansel and Gretel house is the most popular attraction on this road. It is interesting for kids and equally interesting for adults. The chocolate house is made entirely of chocolate. The walls and the roof.

Skating on the frozen lake

This is a great winter attraction close to the Broley village. A 10 min walk from the hotels in the village brings you to the castle of frozen.

In front of the castle there is a lake where adults and kids can skate and enjoy a nice afternoon with your favorite heroes.

It is protected from the rain and from the sun.

Inside there is a souvenir shop which sells the best chocolates in the north of the country.

Your kids will buy chocolates directly from Grettel.

Bring them here to create memories which will last forever. You can walk the whole trail or just a part of it.

Explore the fairytale road

The fairytale road encampment can be visited in a variety of ways. To plan a trip and learn more about how to get the most out of the fairytale road during COVID-19, go to the Virtual Visitor Center.

Look for motivation.

The fairytale road is more than just fairy tale heroes. There are many towns and villages to discover and explore. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from huge castles on big rivers to hidden hamlets.

Dining and eating along the way

When deciding to hike this trail you don’t need to worry about the food. There are many nice cosy places along the way which are worth checking. Check the list and the rates and choose what works best for your family.